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He began his acting career with commercials and performing in the Musical Tommy in Toronto.Kyte was made famous amongst Canadian youth as a correspondent on the Canadian TV series Popular Mechanics for Kids alongside fellow Canadians Elisha Cuthbert, Vanessa Lengies and Jay Baruchel.See full summary » Bradin, Nikki and Derrick are 3 kids from an average normal Kansas household.Their whole life is thrown upside-down when their parents are tragically killed in a car accident. See full summary » Loren (Brittany Underwood) a smart, shy and independent high school senior who has ambitions of being a songwriter, secretly sends her song lyrics to her celebrity crush, rock superstar ...Some of the songs from the Let's Talk EP have been remastered for the CD.He is also currently playing in the band Blue Fox (with Nick Rose and Ryan O'Reilly), and in the band Sweet Thing (with Owen Carrier, Nick Rose, Alex Winter, and Morgan Waters).Alexz Johnson, who plays Jude Harrison, has written many of the songs featured in the television show, and you can see the connection between the song and the artist when she performs.As a teenager myself, I can watch and see issues that I am currently dealing with in my own life be acted out on Instant Star.

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About an epic romance between a human girl and an alien boy when he and others of his kind are integrated into a suburban high school 10 years after they landed on Earth and were consigned to an internment camp.

He later appeared on the TV series Goosebumps (1997) and Are You Afraid of the Dark? He appeared in the made-for-TV movie Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story in 2004, and had a recurring role on the Canadian drama Instant Star as Vincent Spiederman until 2008. The EP has 5 original songs, written and performed by Tyler Kyte.