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In just seven months in 2016, volunteers contributed to over 1,400 hours on the 225-year-old waterway.INDIVIDUAL AWARD Paul Mc Kenzie has 40-years of volunteering under his belt.The social enterprise, set up by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, works with former prisoners, aged between 18 and 29, to develop their interests in cooking, hospitality and customers with the aim of getting them into work.As well as offering participants a second chance, it also offers the local community high end food at a massive reduced cost.Their kindness was highlighted following the death of long term resident Alice Sharp to whom they provided unconditional help and support.After Alice passed away, they continued to support her family by arranging all GHA forms, cleaning the flat and organising her belongings, with the permission of her family.

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The project seeks to help the community to engage with their local canal by taking care of it through a range of tasks.

PC Christopher Bell has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a local beat cop in Drumchapel.

In his capacity as Campus police officer, he greets the pupils every morning, runs fitness classes, accompanies school trips and is on hand to offer and advice and support to those who may need it.

The countdown is on for the city’s most joyful awards ceremony.

From Yoker and Yorkhill to Lambhill and Springburn and everywhere in between, our call for local heroes has been answered by you.

A network of local volunteers and supporters has enabled the group to offer fresh produce and a hot lunch drop in centre.