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25-Dec-2017 23:17

The story of Bungalow Girl takes place on an evening I decided to drop in to catch up with a couple of recently engaged friends. ”Bungalow Girl went on to explain how all the guys at the bar were stuck-up rich jerks who believed they could impress any girl by throwing money around.

Colin and I were standing by the bar talking when a woman abruptly barged into our conversation and threw a crunched up bill in my face, apparently just for show.“Is this all I am? “An object to be bought, a pretty thing to be impressed with money?! She was clearly upset, a little drunk, younger (around 23) and something of a hot mess. So against my better judgment, I agreed to hear her out.“It’s so hard finding anyone real around here.”“Well, your problem’s simple. What else should you expect from a spot like this?? ”“I’ve found a lot of success from clubs and athletic groups.

She went on to explain how she had graduated from a reputable school and had recently come to the West Coast to take a new job.

She mentioned that she was into running and looking for a group with which to train.“There’s lots of good groups I can recommend.”She also said she had been on a few dates, all with horrible outcomes.

Now after six years of being in this town, conducting dating seminars, answering thousands of readers’ letters and writing , I’m pretty sure that Los Angeles is a particularly tough city to be single in – perhaps the toughest in the US.

Here are one man’s observations on the challenges of socializing and dating in LA: 1.

It’s difficult to explain the downtown Santa Monica bar scene to an outsider for the joy and misery it has brought me over the years. Full of the most beautiful people imaginable with the ugliest of personalities.

experience: beers, ocean sunset views, upscale atmosphere, Ray-Bans, perfect hair and absurd cleavage.

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The 5% of both sexes do enough damage to ruin things for the rest of us mortals.

I used to get angry at these people, but now I feel sad for how difficult it must be for them to find happiness.