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Also known as disorders of sex development (DSDs), the best guess by researchers is that intersex conditions affect one in 2,000 children.The response by doctors is often to carry out largely unregulated and controversial surgeries that aim to make an infant’s genitals and reproductive organs more normal but can often have unintended consequences, according to intersex adults, advocates and some doctors." The word "hermaphrodite" is a stigmatizing and misleading word.There is growing momentum to eliminate the word "hermaphrodite" from medical literature and to use the word "intersex" in its place.A long and gut-wrenching list of damaging side effects—painful scarring, reduced sexual sensitivity, torn genital tissue, removal of natural hormones and possible sterilization—combined with the chance of assigning children a gender they don’t feel comfortable with has left many calling for the surgeries to be heavily restricted.The Crawfords are bringing a landmark lawsuit on behalf of M against the hospitals and doctors who treated M, and the South Carolina Department of Social Services, which allowed the operation when M was in foster care.


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In retrospect, Mark Crawford said, “He never gave us any indication that he was not a boy.”* * *M was born with genitals that were not clearly male or female.S wanted to use the men’s bathroom and liked to be referred to as a boy.S already tended to be perceived as a boy by strangers, after requesting a buzz cut about a month before the family’s vacation.During the 1990s, intersex adults who had received surgery as infants came forward speaking about their sense of mutilation.


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At the same time, an experiment from Johns Hopkins University that claimed to prove young children could safely be assigned any gender with surgical “reinforcement” was revealed to be a failure.

The Department of Social Services had told the Crawfords their child was born with an intersex condition, meaning the baby’s gender was unclear.