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She is strong enough to role the drama, and same goes for him. It's like saying LIFE and DEATH romantic love story, it's almost impposible for this love to be real, yet they made it look so realistic.

Second, DTOS isn't only about love and its hardships, it is way more than that.

Have watched it 3 times already, it's always a delight and has something for everyone. I m a Indian and 1st time I see that show in Zindagi. but the problem was they wanted to go on a date from the first episode I mean WHAT it was too fast and the first episode had nothing interesting so it was so AKWARD, fans please don't hate me I know the felling of someone saying harsh things about a beautiful drama but if you can tell me anything that cheers me up to watch this the please do and thank you I had 2nd thoughts on warching DOTS because i hate action and heavy drama..

Usually females watch the majority of Korean dramas but a military drama brought a lot of male viewers in to this one and that's why the ratings were so high. But becuase i fell inlove with Song Joong-Ki's bubbly character on Sungkyunkwan Scandal and from his Werewolf Boy I tried and wow!!!! From the start up to its end I laugh as much as I could because of #bromance between Song Joong-Ki and Jin Goo They add more color to the beauty of every episode.

And the story was so good even the former president of South Korea awarded it for being so DAMN good so if you didn't enjoy it, chances are you are fan of unicorn, fairytalish dramas with no substance and that's is truly shallow People say this kdrama is best drama ever so i tried to watching this again. So they can get married and have a lot of babies I found dots in 4/2017 and have binge watch everyday! I also love this couple, hopes they become a real couple, lately feels so happy for their marriage announcement.

Second time watching this after i drop ep 8 last year but sorry i really can't . Of course not but i think there not special about this drama and I wonder why people tell me this is best kdrama ever. Like seriously, how can someone felling in love in just one second and then going date. I still cry when Shk is mean to Sjk and laugh at the nonsense It's so sweet to watch something different I only watch korean netflix and disconnect cable!!! May they become happy couple till the end of their life.

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For someone who asked what the title means the "sun" empires were Asian empires in general as opposed to Western nation empires. Song hae kyo is beautiful from inside and outside.. I'm still not sure why was this almost at the 40% ratings! I admire Kim Eun Suk writer nim, she's a genius, but seriously couldn't relate to characters and the location, what's why I dropped at ep 6 although I try too hard to get to this EP lol, but I failed after all.

It's been more than a year since Descendant of the Sun aired and tonight I just finished watching this drama AGAIN.