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11-Aug-2017 03:04

Additionally, not everybody wants to go public with their search for love.

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For the young family Gaynor says, “it’s like having a built-in grandmother.” and the elder woman was keen on the idea of being in close proximity to children.Matchmaker Lesley Silver-Winick is originally from Montreal, but lives in Toronto, so she works with both cities’ versions of the site.She uses her background in social services and education, as well as personal experience, to help connect users in each city, sometimes pairing up people from both cities’ databases if they’re interested.The practice is not unusual among new immigrants to Canada, many of whom, over the generations, pooled their resources and focused on paying off their homes as soon as possible.

But for native-born Canadians, the assumption of the ability to afford a single-family home has been taken for granted.

Now real estate agent Lesli Gaynor, is putting her own experience to use in guiding potential buyers into co-ownership arrangements. ” With a background in social work and social policy, she is the first to acknowledge that the partnerships are not for everyone.