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It was a scene between her and Wren, when she was bumming a cigarette from him outside of a restaurant.” I remember meeting Marlene for the first time and I was crying and so upset. She sat in the room and she said, “The second that you walked in, I felt you as Hanna.” It was a really crazy connection.I really didn’t speak up about my character and things I wanted to do until these last ten episodes. And as Lucy was saying, it was more getting in at the ideas level with the writers room.I was like, “Can I just do something that I haven’t done before? There wasn’t a lot of room for improvising per se, because the studio and the network were so involved with every draft and every script. They were always very welcoming of me coming in and sitting down and saying, “Have we thought about this? ” Alison got to change so much emotionally, and I didn’t really see that coming.I had this weird instinct that this would become a really big thing. When did you all feel like you finally got a grasp on your characters’ ever-changing intentions and motivations?Did you reach a point where you could give feedback to the writers and be like, “You know, I don’t think she would do this because … Our writers and producers made it very clear to us that we could come to them, pitch ideas, or if we hated a line we could change it.I know I’ve exponentially grown and learned from each of the girls.

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The fans that have stuck it out — your answers are in the last ten episodes. As the seasons kept going on they were like, “Okay, we’ll do ten and ten and make it a little bit shorter.” I think in the end it was fine. At this point in the series, how would you define the group’s friendship dynamic?

One of the main criticisms that has emerged over the past few seasons is that the show has bitten off a bit more then it can chew — plots have become a bit too convoluted, and there seem to be more questions than answers with each passing episode. The writers have tried their absolute best to give them all of the answers that they could. Because it’s not like this was a show where every season there were ten episodes, so that the writers could get into a room two months ahead of time and break the full story for the year.