Virtual adult chatterbot

04-Jul-2017 07:52

If you've got a celebrity you've always wanted to have a conversation with, you're able to change the bot's name and profile pic to theirs.As an example, if you change its name to Taylor Swift, it'll start talking about music to you.They let businesses offer users automated customer service support, content, e-commerce capabilities and other features. The platform is currently in the early days, and there isn't a library of bots as such.Instead, to find a bot, you type a keyword in the search bar - which could be a company or function name - and you'll get a sub-heading called "bots and businesses". Once you click on one, you enter an IM window, just as though you were talking to a friend. If you message it, you'll get a reply pretty much instantly.The chatbot has become one of the top tech trends of 2016, with big players such as Facebook and Telegram having already made their move into the area by launching their own bots and bot platforms.

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When you find one that takes your fancy, you click the "Add To Telegram" button, and you're redirected to the main app. There are hundreds of bots, capable of doing anything from playing poker with you to helping you book flights.

The bot seems to think London is a girl as well, rather than a place.