Who is dating s e cupp

07-Dec-2017 05:21

Bill Maher and conservative political commentator S. Cupp clashed over the certainty in the scientific community about the relationship between climate change and hurricanes as Irma wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and later in Florida.

Lisa Bonos, Washington Post’s Outlook assistant editor, wants a boyfriend. And I'm not surprised she hasn’t yet found what she’s looking for.

Why sacrifice passion and spontaneity for some rigid idea of what sexual enlightenment looks like?

Believe me, after a couple years of marriage there are so few surprises left, the occasional grab-and-kiss will make your whole year.

Bonos also seems to be pretty confused about intimacy.

Cupp, a conservative columnist, speaker and author, is a host of CNN's Crossfire.Her feminist boyfriend is “supportive of, interested in and enthusiastic about his partner’s career,” which seems to presume she must have one (because every good feminist knows all women’s choices are valid, except the one to stay at home).